Odoo keeps product images in database. It can cause a problem if you have a lot of products with images and use @@html:<a href="/odoo/administration/2015/02/14/install-odoo.html">@@daily backup@@html:</a>@@

To store product images in filestore, I have created a module product_image_filestore. It uses ir.attachment table to store product images.

Repository: https://github.com/yelizariev/addons-yelizariev/tree/8.0/product\_image\_filestore


Installation or deleting this module will cause lost of your current product images. Before doing it you have to export images from all product variants and then import it back after installation or deleting the module.

Export images

Open Products menu, delete filters, select all products and click More / Export

Then add Image field to export and click Export to file. Do the same for Product variants:

  • Open Product Variants menu, delete filters, select all products and click More / Export (see @@html:<a href="/images/odoo/module/product_image_filestore-4.png">@@screenshot@@html:</a>@@).
  • Add Variant Image field to export and click Export to file (see @@html:<a href="/images/odoo/module/product_image_filestore-5.png">@@screenshot@@html:</a>@@).

Import images

After instaling or uninstalling module import images back. Open Products menu and click Import url. Then open your product.template.csv, click Validate and Import.

Do the same for with menu Product Variants and product.product.csv file (see @@html:<a href="/images/odoo/module/product_image_filestore-6.png">@@screenshot@@html:</a>@@)

issue "field larger than field limit (131072)"

During importing images, you can get error "field larger than field limit (131072)". It's a default restriction of a csv module. To fix it open file openerp/tools/convert.py and add csv.field_size_limit(sys.maxsize) after imports of a sys and csv modules. Like this:

import cStringIO
import csv
import logging
import os.path
import pickle
import re
import sys

# for eval context:
import time

UPD I have made module that do it https://github.com/yelizariev/addons-yelizariev/tree/8.0/import\_csv\_fix\_field\_limit

Note for uninstalling

After unintalling this module you also have to update product module. This cause updating of all dependent modules.