SugarCRM shows last viewed records. Why not do the same in odoo? So, I did.

It allows easily navigate to recently pages.

For non-form view there is icon for type of view at the end of label.

For some models (e.g. Partner, Opportunity etc) special icon is shown.

This module doesn't affect on server performance, because it uses browser's localStorage to save history. But, of course, it means that history is not synced accross browsers.

Currently, very simple behavior is used:

  • New history item is added to first position only if it is not in history list
  • Last history item is removed if there are more than 8 items already.

Also, this module can be helpful for developers, because everytime you will have quick access to module page to install updates and access to page where you want to test something.



Update 20.03.2015. The module is now maintained by OCA!

Check out newest version here: